‘How to help Mexico’ has launched a fundraising campaign to direct funds to rebuilding efforts with focus in the most vulnerable communities in Mexico after the earthquakes aftermath. For this, we’ve partnered with buy accutane from uk Fundación Amauni, an NGO with a 10-year track that is helping communities in the State of Mexico, Morelos, and Puebla with one of the highest marginalization scores out of the communities affected by the earthquake. Amauni will seek to build homes that respect both local customs and the environment.

To know more about the project, please review the presentation below, or on their site. We kindly invite you to register for a recurring donation option and support the reconstruction efforts that will directly impact the life of several Mexican families and their communities.

Review Amauni’s reconstruction project

Support Amauni with monthly donations

1. Select one of the monthly amounts below
2. Click on ‘Paga con PayPal’ button
3. Select ‘Reino Unido’ in country (“país”) to change language to English
4. Complete registration

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